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Our products are natural, when cooking is not subject to heat treatment, grown in ecologically clean areas of the beautiful Carpathian

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Honey forest 350g

Натуральний мед ливовий з дідусевої пасіки

Мас нетто: 350г.

About us and our jam


Who are we

At first there was a dream ... A dream about agriculture farm, where children and grandchildren would have enjoyed delicious, juicy berries and fruits grown by themselves.

 The family has rallied around my dream. Everyone has put in it a part of their soul and knowledge. Together we decided to expand my plans and try to sell products from the family plantation. Therefore, in 2017, we rolled up the sleeves, and planted the first seedlings of raspberry.

About our products

To make a really high-quality product, the one not be ashamed of, became our main principle. The raw material for our products is grown in the ecological mountainous area. We do not spare time, effort or resources for the production of really tasty and quality products, that we consume ourselves.

 We are personally involved in all processes, from planting and picking to cooking and selling. This allows to achieve affordable prices for everyone and to be responsible for the quality. We are honest with our cutomers, because long-term relationships are built only on trust. And business built on fundamental human principles can not but grow...


How to order


You can place an order on our website around the clock or by calling +38 097 707-03-37.

Orders by phone are accepted from 9:00 to 18:00.

Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine using Nova Poshta.
Delivery is not included in the price of the goods and paid by the recipient;

About our products

Did you like our jam? If you want to order a large batch or cooperate with us on a regular basis?

Email us at info@berryjam.com.ua or call +38 097 707-03-37. We are always ready to cooperate.

You can also submit your offer with the help of the form and we will definitely contact you.
We guarantee favorable conditions and responsible attitude to work.


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